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About the Mediator: Sharon Paxman 


Sharon Paxman is a mediator with professional accreditations that underscore her dedication to the field. Alongside her involvement in litigation, Sharon brings a blend of legal experience and practical insight to her mediation.


With a previous background in investment banking spanning well over a decade, Sharon held executive-level positions, honing her negotiation skills through managing intricate deals. Her adeptness in navigating high-stakes negotiations has been a cornerstone of her career.


In 2010, Sharon became the youngest ever Executive director for a leading London Investment Bank, illustrating her drive and determination.


Furthermore, as a successful business owner with a range of award-winning products, Sharon brings a pragmatic and results-driven approach to her mediation.


Sharon's transition to becoming a certified civil and commercial mediator enhances her professional skill set. Drawing from her current legal experience and a keen understanding of psychology, she offers nuanced and effective mediation services.


Dedicated to fostering constructive and amicable resolutions, Sharon leverages her diverse background in law, finance, and entrepreneurship to address a wide array of mediation scenarios. Clients benefit strategic insight, empathy, and commitment to achieving optimal outcomes.


Additionally, Sharon is an active member of the Human Rights Lawyer Association, further showcasing her commitment to promoting justice and fairness.

Depending on location, mediations can be performed in person or via Zoom. As a Signatory of the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change Green Pledge, I will always promote Zoom mediations to support the Green pledge.



Area of Expertise:


  • Human rights related disputes

  • Discrimination

  • Defamation

  • Workplace Disputes

  • Professional Negligence

  • Harassment

  • Breach of employment contracts

  • Discrimination

  • Trade Union

  • Civil Disputes

  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes

  • Disputes within Investment Banking

  • Debt recovery


Professional Memberships:


Human Right Lawyer Association (HRLA)

The Civil Mediation Council (CMC)

The International Mediation Institute (IMI)

Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (PNLA)

Signatory of the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change Green Pledge

Civil and commercial mediation is a process where the mediator, assists disputing parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution. This method is used to resolve conflicts outside of court, offering several benefits:

  1. Cost-Effective: Mediation is typically less expensive than litigation, as it avoids court fees, counsel expenses, and lengthy legal proceedings.

  2. Time-Efficient: Mediation often resolves disputes quicker than traditional litigation, saving time and allowing parties to move forward with their lives or business operations sooner.

  3. Confidentiality: Mediation proceedings are confidential, providing a private environment for parties to openly discuss their concerns without fear of public disclosure.

  4. Control and Flexibility: Parties retain control over the outcome and have the flexibility to craft creative solutions that meet their specific needs and interests, rather than relying on a judge's decision.

  5. Preservation of Relationships: Mediation focuses on fostering constructive communication and understanding, which can help preserve relationships between parties, especially important in commercial disputes where ongoing business relationships are at stake.

  6. Mutually Beneficial Solutions: By collaborating to find mutually beneficial solutions, parties often feel more satisfied with the outcome compared to adversarial court rulings.

  7. Legal Compliance: Agreements reached through mediation are legally binding and enforceable, providing a structured framework for future interactions between parties.

Overall, civil and commercial mediation offers a cost-effective, efficient, and collaborative approach to resolving disputes, empowering parties to maintain control over the outcome while preserving relationships and promoting mutual understanding.


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